Troop 619 Committee Minutes 08-13-18

• Call to Order – 7:05 PM. Quorum present (Richard Moeur, Kevin Joy, Tim Boyle, Lisa Scibienski). Corinne Arnold and Suzanne Carlisle also attending.

• Treasurer’s Report
o $480.00 in Council account. $988.37 in checking account. $125
not yet deposited. A number of outstanding expenses are pending (camping). Expecting additional expenses later in 2018 (advancement items for Court of Honor). Factoring in the loss of the car wash and individual Scout balances, the Troop has a deficit of nearly $400.
o When it dissolved, Troop 226 turned over their account balances to Cross in the Desert UMC in accordance with BSA rules. The chartered organization representative for both 226 and 619 (Kevin Joy) does not concur with simply turning over the funds to Troop 619, but is willing to use the funds (up to $1200) to match Troop fundraising on a 2:1 basis ($2 from the former 226 funds for every $1 of 619 fundraising). This would not apply to Council fundraising (popcorn, Friends of Scouting, camp cards). Since the church has empowered Mr. Joy to manage the former Troop 226 funds, no action by the Troop Committee is needed, but the Troop is advised that the funds match will be available.
o Zoe Mora recommended that the adults provide leadership on fundraising for the near future, given the age and experience of many of the Scouts. This can then be transitioned to the boys when they are ready.
o The Committee Chair will send out an e-mail request for an adult volunteer to serve as Troop Fundraising chair.

• Recruitment Update
o Troop 619 and Crew 2619 adults and Scouts are attending
events at PVUSD schools in August to recruit youth for Troop 619, Crew 2619, Pack 226, and the new girls’ Troop 226. We’re working cooperatively with other units attending these events, such as Pack 416 and Troop 30.
o Lisa is attending monthly Pinnacle Peak District Roundtables to advise Cub Scout Packs of the services Troop 619 can offer. Tim Pitcock will be assisting Lisa on these presentations.
o The December potluck will also be a recruiting event.

‘• Fundraising Update
o Popcorn
Joy Rea is the Troop Popcorn Kernel. The August 27th
Troop meeting will be at the Rea home to discuss popcorn sales. Storefront sales may include Big 5 Sporting Goods.
o Friends of Scouting
Troop 619 has committed to $600 in FOS donations to
Council for 2018 in lieu of a higher “program fee” at
recharter. This is due by October 1st.
Not much success this year on corporate or business
donations. Parents will need to come up with the funds if no other donors are found. Howard Rea is working on 2019. Since this is a Council-level fundraiser, it’s OK per IRS rules to ask for outside donations.
The Committee Chair will send out an e-mail advising families of this fee, and to explain its role with respect to other upcoming costs (Troop dues, fees to the National office for insurance and other services, etc.).
o Other Fundraisers (restaurants, etc.)
Troop 619 will have a fundraiser at Chik-Fil-A near PV
Mall on Wednesday, August 22 from 6-8 PM. Scouts will
be needed to staff a receipt box.
Boys may harvest mistletoe at Vamporee to sell during
the Christmas season. The Troop will also sell live
wreaths, but not garlands or other decor.

• Advancement Update
o Many merit badges were earned at Camp Geronimo in late June
and early July, and some rank advancements were completed. o Adult leaders will be auditing Scout advancement records to
ensure all requirements are consistently logged and to identify
remaining items for ranks and badges.

• Service Update
o No service projects for the church are planned at this time. The
Troop may assist at the Veterans Day Parade on Monday, November 12 in central Phoenix.

• Outdoor Update
o Kartchner Caverns – this car campout will be this coming
weekend (Aug 17-19). Scouts and families will be responsible
for costs, including cave tour fees and food.
o Arizona Trail Backpacking – Sep 21-23. In the vicinity of the
Mogollon Rim and Camp Geronimo.
o District Vamporee – Oct 26-28. Troop 619 will be lead Troop
for this three-district event at Camp Geronimo, but due to strong volunteer turnout will not be heavily tasked for staffing. Troop still needs to register.
o Picacho Peak – Nov 16-18. Car camp. • Senior Patrol Leader Update
o The Troop is preparing for the weekend’s campout at Kartchner Caverns and the September backpacking trip. Per-scout costs may be high due to cancellation of car wash

• Scoutmaster Update
o Very pleased with the progress by the Scouts on rank
advancement and merit badges.
o Will be working with boys on Dutch oven cooking at campouts.
Also expects Patrols and Troop to improve on Troop songs and yells.

Old Business
• District Vamporee Update – see above.

New Business
• Troop Merit Badge Event
o Likely to be scheduled in spring 2019. Will probably be
focused on an Eagle-required merit badge (TBD) needed by
Troop 619 scouts that is conducive to a 4-5 hour clinic format. o Richard Moeur will be leading a Cycling merit badge course in
fall 2018. This is the same course Duncan and Jack enjoyed in 2017. Tim Boyle may assist.
Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.

Upcoming Events
• Kartchner Caverns Campout – August 18-19
• Chik-Fil-A Fundraiser – Wed, August 22
• Popcorn Fundraiser – Sep 6 – Oct 22
• Arizona Trail Backpacking – Sep 21-23
• Friends of Scouting Deadline – Oct 1
• District Vamporee – Oct 26-28
• Picacho Peak Campout – Nov 16-18