So, with both lake mormon and Camp Geronimo coming up I thought I would take a moment to talk about the legalities of catching crawfish in the state of Arizona.

  1. The Arizona Department of Game and Fish *highly encourages* the removal of crawfish from all waters in Arizona.
  2. Pretty much all methods that don’t involve a projectile or explosives are allowed to catch crawfish (hands, fishing poles, nets, traps, and spears are all allowed)
  3. Once you have removed a crawdad from the water it is *illegal* to put it back into the water
  4. If you are over 11 years of age, you need a valid fishing license (on you) to remove crawfish from waterways.

Youth licenses are 5 dollars for a calendar year, and can be purchased online here:

So, I am going to do a special program over the summer for the patrols.

Starting 5/15/2017 and running through 8/25/2017 we will be having a Crawfish Conservation project, here are the rules:

Each hour you spend directly trying to remove invasive crawfish from a body of water will count as a Conservation Project and you will get Service Hours which can be applied to Rank Advancement. This will be awarded in 30 minute blocks. This needs to be done “under the auspices of the BSA” which means for it to count you need to either be at a scout event, or, invite the troop or patrol and have 2 deep adult leadership with one of the adult leaders having YPT training. *Any* body of water counts. Just get a picture of your start time and end time for record keeping.

Each crawfish removed, and killed, counts as a point. Each full service hour counts as a point. The boy, and patrol, with the highest totals at the end of the contest will win a Huge Prize! (to be announced later).

-Scoutmaster Zoe


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