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God and Life Starts 1/14/18

Just a reminder, I need to know who will be attending this class starting on 1/14/18. Please let me know if your Scout will or will not be attending this class. Our church youth group leaders have put this class together for all of our Scouts, as well as the youth group. This is a great opportunity to learn about our Scouting Duty to God and have some interaction with the church youth group.

More info:

God and Life Award
For Grades 7-12

Program:​ Earn the God and Life award. God and Life is based on the life of the Apostle Paul as recorded in Acts 9:1-31. This is a brief account that describes how Paul encountered Christ and was changed forever. Five chronological “events” out of this story will be highlighted and used as the focus for the five different sections in this program. Each section will illustrate a key element in learning how to live one’s life for Christ.

For:​ Boys and girls in grades 7-12

Meeting Place:​Cross in the Desert UMC

Introductory Meeting:​1/14/2018

Time:​ 5pm-6pm

Dates:​ Every Sunday for 7 weeks

​Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be attending this class so we can order the books.

This class is for all Protestant based faiths.
This award is recognized by both BSA and GSUSA.


Contact Kevin Joy –


Upcoming events!

We have several things coming up, and some changes coming from what we had previously spoken about. First up! We will be working on earning the Solar Eclipse Patch for the solar Eclipse on August 21st. The meeting on the 14th will be focused on what an eclipse is, how to view it safely, and what you need to do in order to earn the patch. The meeting on the 21st will wrap this up, and we will talk about what being a good citizen is.

We have a Citizenship in the X merit badge clinic on the 20th at the church, this is an opportunity to earn most of the requirements for all three Citizenship merit badges which are required for Eagle. I hope to see you all there!

The group backpack fitting at REI had to be cancelled, in order to facilitate a group fitting they require a large deposit for each individual. Please try and swing by an REI on your own time to be measured and fitted for a backpack before September 11th.

September 4th there will be a meeting at the church, we will be starting off the Hiking and Backpacking blocks for September and October. Class A uniforms are required starting on September 4th.

On September 11th please bring your backpacking backpacks if you have them, and we will go over fit and packing of a pack.

Remember to be going outside and working on your hiking conditioning! Reavis Ranch is coming! You will need to have some hiking under your belt to enjoy this experience.

Upcoming events for Troop 619:

Aug 14 – Solar Eclipse Prep 7pm @ Cross in the Desert UMC
Aug 20 – Citizenship in the X Merit Badge Clinic 12:30pm @ Cross In the Desert Church
Aug 21 – Wrapup Eclipse, Citizenship 7pm @ Cross in the Desert UMC
Aug 28 – Topic – Why civics and ethics are important. 7pm @ Cross in the Desert UMC
Sep 04 – Hiking block kick off – Class A wearing starts 7pm @ Cross in the Desert UMC
Sep 11 – Backpack fittings at the Church 7pm @ Cross in the Desert UMC
Sep 22-24 – Knoll Lake Fishing Campout 5pm @ Knoll Lake

Elections, Summer camp, and Merit Badges OH MY!

So last night we had our Troop elections, and I would like to congradulate the following individuals:

Tyler Joy for another term as Senior Patrol Leader

Jack Rea for Patrol Leader of the Wolf Pack

Shane Apple for Patrol Leader of the Olympians

Second, we had an OA election and Shane Apple was nominated for the OA. If he recieved the appropriate number of votes he will be tapped out at Geronimo.

Summer Camp:
We leave for Geronimo on Saturday July 1st at the Church at 8:45 AM. We are looking to borrow a trailer I can tow behind my Mazda to haul all the gear. Kevin, Pitt and I will be the drivers. Next week we will send home a small information packet on what to expect as a first year at Geronimo and what kinds of things to pack. Medical Form Part C is due by next week, as well as signups for the Merit Badges / Activities to be done at camp. There will be time at the meeting for planning these activities. I have attached the medical form to this email. Part C needs to be filled out by a doctor and signed. To participate in activities, adults will need this form as well.

Merit Badges:
Next Monday at the meeting we will start 2 merit badges that we will be working on as a troop over summer:
Personal Fitness (please note, part C of the medical form is a pre-requisite for the PF merit badge)

We will also be sponsoring a Citizenship in the X clinic on the 20th of August (a sunday afternoon) at the church where we will be working on all three Citizenship merit badges. Keep this in mind when planning merit badges at Geronimo.

The PF merit badge takes 12 weeks to complete as you log activities and improvement in the physical fitness arena. The fishing merit badge will be done in conjunction with a summer fishing program (in combination with our Crawdad Competition). We will also be doing some conservation service projects with AZ Game and FIsh or the Audobon society around our waterways. In addition, we will have a few local fishing meetups at some of the urban lakes over the summer.

If you don’t already have it, your Son (and daughters, they are welcome to fish with us!) will need a valid AZ Fishing License on their body to fish in the urban lakes. If your family member is attending and under the age of 11, they do not require a license. A Youth licenese is 5 dollars for a calendar year for ages 11-18. There is also a special Eagle reduced rate license available for Eagle Scouts.

Summer is a great time to work as Patrols and do all kinds of activities together. Remember, to do something as a patrol you just need 2 deep adult leadership, one of which has to have YPT. Note, that in a public area with a lot of adult traffic 2 deep leadership is met if your adult chaparone has YPT training and is over 21. This means places like rock gyms, public parks, etc you just need 1 adult with YPT to satisfy the requirements. On things like longer bike rides or hikes where there will be large parts without a lot of public presence you will need 2 adults participating.

This email is getting long, so I’ll wrap it up.

Thanks families of 619!
-Scoutmaster Zoe

Download Medical Form

–Follow up from Kevin–

Please note, Parts A, B and C need to be with us when we check in to Geronimo an July 1. Parents can fill out Parts A and B. Vaccination dates must be filled out on the medical form. Grand Canyon Council says they will no longer accept copies of vaccination records. We will also need a copy of the front and back of medical insurance cards, as stated on the BSA medical form.

Part C can be filled out by you regular doctor or can be do e at the many retail chain minute clinics.

Meet badge sign up forms need to be to me or Pitt no later than our next meeting, June 19. When your scouts are selecting merit badges they want to do please have them only note order of importance to them (1sn, 2nd, 3rd, etc). Have them choose 5 merit badges. Do not worry about time slots. I’ll figure that when I sign them up.


Reminder: Troop Meeting, Mentoring Block – Active Listening and Physical Retest

Event: Troop Meeting, Mentoring Block – Active Listening and Physical Retest
Where: CITD
When: May 22, 2017 7-8pm

If you are doing your physical retests for your rank advancement, please wear your class-b uniforms. We will be talking about Active Listening, and what makes a good conversation. Listening is a vital part of leadership and mentoring. Remember to be looking for the 10 traits of likeable leaders in your life and be ready to talk about some of the leaders you have noticed, and what traits they exhibit. For reference, the 10 traits are:
10 habits of super likable leaders
1. They form personal connections
2. They’re approachable
3. They’re humble
4. They’re positive
5. They’re even-keeled
6. They’re generous
7. They demonstrate integrity
8. They read people like a book
9. They appreciate potential
10. They have substance

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