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Camp Geronimo!

We finally made it!

Final plans are done, and I just sent the email to the patrol leaders on what your scouts need to bring. If you have any questions, go to your patrol leaders first as they have all the information.

The temperatures will be in the low 90’s / upper 80’s during the day, dipping into the high 40’s at night. Tents are provided by the camp, so don’t worry about bringing one. We will be leaving at 8:30 from the church Saturday 7/1 and returning Saturday 7/8 in the morning, I hope to be back in Phoenix by 1pm. If your son is going, please remember to provide some spending money for the trips and the trading post at camp Geronimo.

I will be unavailable all Thursday, and Friday until the early evening as I need to drive to California to pickup Travis. If you have emergency questions during that time, contact Kevin Joy or Pitt.

Thank you!
Scoutmaster Zoe

Reevis Ranch Backpacking – 10/20 – 10/22

We will be backpacking into Reevis Ranch the third weekend in October. This is going to be an amazing experiance backpacking through a natural spring in an overgrown apple orchard during apple season. The hike itself is roughly 7 miles one way, with some decent elevation changes. There is ample water on the trail. Letting everyone know this early so you can start doing conditioning hikes and getting gear ready.

This hike is one of my most favorite hikes *ever* and one of the best memories I have from scouting. This is a huge opportunity, and I encourage *everyone* to attend. This is some of the prettiest parts of the state, and the ability to go apple picking only a few hours from Phoenix is great.

I would highly encourage everyone to do everything they can to attend this event. If you don’t have backpacking gear, let us know sooner rather than later so we can arrange for the troop to pickup some loaner gear.

Thank you,
Scoutmaster Zoe

Elections, Summer camp, and Merit Badges OH MY!

So last night we had our Troop elections, and I would like to congradulate the following individuals:

Tyler Joy for another term as Senior Patrol Leader

Jack Rea for Patrol Leader of the Wolf Pack

Shane Apple for Patrol Leader of the Olympians

Second, we had an OA election and Shane Apple was nominated for the OA. If he recieved the appropriate number of votes he will be tapped out at Geronimo.

Summer Camp:
We leave for Geronimo on Saturday July 1st at the Church at 8:45 AM. We are looking to borrow a trailer I can tow behind my Mazda to haul all the gear. Kevin, Pitt and I will be the drivers. Next week we will send home a small information packet on what to expect as a first year at Geronimo and what kinds of things to pack. Medical Form Part C is due by next week, as well as signups for the Merit Badges / Activities to be done at camp. There will be time at the meeting for planning these activities. I have attached the medical form to this email. Part C needs to be filled out by a doctor and signed. To participate in activities, adults will need this form as well.

Merit Badges:
Next Monday at the meeting we will start 2 merit badges that we will be working on as a troop over summer:
Personal Fitness (please note, part C of the medical form is a pre-requisite for the PF merit badge)

We will also be sponsoring a Citizenship in the X clinic on the 20th of August (a sunday afternoon) at the church where we will be working on all three Citizenship merit badges. Keep this in mind when planning merit badges at Geronimo.

The PF merit badge takes 12 weeks to complete as you log activities and improvement in the physical fitness arena. The fishing merit badge will be done in conjunction with a summer fishing program (in combination with our Crawdad Competition). We will also be doing some conservation service projects with AZ Game and FIsh or the Audobon society around our waterways. In addition, we will have a few local fishing meetups at some of the urban lakes over the summer.

If you don’t already have it, your Son (and daughters, they are welcome to fish with us!) will need a valid AZ Fishing License on their body to fish in the urban lakes. If your family member is attending and under the age of 11, they do not require a license. A Youth licenese is 5 dollars for a calendar year for ages 11-18. There is also a special Eagle reduced rate license available for Eagle Scouts.

Summer is a great time to work as Patrols and do all kinds of activities together. Remember, to do something as a patrol you just need 2 deep adult leadership, one of which has to have YPT. Note, that in a public area with a lot of adult traffic 2 deep leadership is met if your adult chaparone has YPT training and is over 21. This means places like rock gyms, public parks, etc you just need 1 adult with YPT to satisfy the requirements. On things like longer bike rides or hikes where there will be large parts without a lot of public presence you will need 2 adults participating.

This email is getting long, so I’ll wrap it up.

Thanks families of 619!
-Scoutmaster Zoe

Download Medical Form

–Follow up from Kevin–

Please note, Parts A, B and C need to be with us when we check in to Geronimo an July 1. Parents can fill out Parts A and B. Vaccination dates must be filled out on the medical form. Grand Canyon Council says they will no longer accept copies of vaccination records. We will also need a copy of the front and back of medical insurance cards, as stated on the BSA medical form.

Part C can be filled out by you regular doctor or can be do e at the many retail chain minute clinics.

Meet badge sign up forms need to be to me or Pitt no later than our next meeting, June 19. When your scouts are selecting merit badges they want to do please have them only note order of importance to them (1sn, 2nd, 3rd, etc). Have them choose 5 merit badges. Do not worry about time slots. I’ll figure that when I sign them up.


Mark Your Calendars!!! Geronimo Service Project Campout

Greetings families of 619!

The May campout is going to be the weekend of May 5th through the 7th. If your scout is attending camp geronimo this summer I *highly* recommend they attend this campout for multiple reasons:

1. It will give them an introduction to the camp, where they will be sleeping, and where everything is
2. There is a required service project for attending camp, if you don’t do the service project campout then you need to perform the project at camp which takes away time from doing electives (like the archery or shooting ranges)

We will be leaving from the church friday evening, and returning to the church Sunday around lunch.

Food plans and bunk mates will be coming out soon.

Thank you!
Scoutmaster Zoe

Parsons Spring Backpacking

This weekend will be the Parsons Springs Backpacking trip. Heather sent out the following info in an email about this trip:

If your Scout is going on the Parsons Spring campout this weekend, we are meeting at the Cross in the Desert Church at 9:00 and hitting the road at 9:15. Your Scout will need to eat breakfast before they go and have a sack lunch ready for the trail. The meal plan for the rest of the weekend should have been worked out with his tent partner already. It will be cold at night so make sure they have warm clothes and warm gear. A knit hat and wool socks go along way during a cold night.

In theory we will be able to cross the creek by hopping on rocks and not getting our feet in the water. This is not a water hike, we just have to cross the creek in about 5 spots. I was not able to cross all of them without slipping my foot in the water during 2 of the crossings, so make sure your Scout has extra socks and a pair of camp shoes.

I have myself, Mark and Robert as drivers so we need to make sure Robby has our vehicle info as he is going to put the tour permit together for us.Send over to him as soon as possible.

If your Scout has stated he is going, but has changed his mind he needs to let his tent partner know so meals and gear are worked out correctly.

We will be back around 12:30 on Sunday, as usual your Scout will call you when we are about 15-20 mins from the church for pick up.

Weather link for the weekend and please remember weather predication is never finite.

Link for Parsons Trail #144

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