Committee Meeting 2-5-18


Called to Order- at 6:58PM

Treasurer’s Report- There is $205.00 in the council account, and $1619.05 in troop funds. There was a popcorn sale at REI and an additional $500 will be deposited once it is received

Recruitment Update- We discussed the importance of making contacts in the upcoming fall and working closely with Packs in the spring.

Fundraising Update- We have a bake sale coming up this Sunday, and a rummage sale scheduled for April 7th. Maybe we can have a dinner night soon? (Update: the Troop had a Chuckwagon Cookout on February 24th in conjunction with the Cross in the Desert Mens’ Group which raised $249 for the Troop and $89 for the Crew.)

Advancement Update- Nothing new to report

Service Update- Scouting for Food was the last project completed and brought in a total of 194 pounds of food

Outdoor Update- Nothing new to report

Old Business:
The troop held elections and the new Senior Patrol Leader is Caleb, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is Jack, the Patrol Leader is Kyle, and the Assistant Patrol Leader is Duncan.

New Business:
Richard Moeur was voted in as the new Troop Committee Chair! Congratulations!

Finances/budget for 2018 needs to be reviewed. We will review last year’s statements at the next committee meeting in March in order to plan for fundraising and events for 2018.

Upcoming Events:
Biosphere 2 Tour- February 10th – Meet at the church at 7:30 in Class B

Scout Sunday and Bake Sale – February 11th – Meet at the church at 8:00 AM

Troop shed organized – March 14th 9:00-11:00 A.M. (after meeting, changed to March 12th at 4:00 PM)

Rummage Sale- April 7th – Meet at the church at 7:00 AM

Court of Honor- May 14th

Next Committee Meeting will be Monday, March 12th