I’d like to make sure you are all aware of this website:


It is a great resource that gives a good summary of all 137 merit badges, as well as worksheets to help with all the rank advancements. It is well maintained, updated, and current with all the requirements. I know several scouts have come forward with questions on what is available, and this is one of the better resources I have found.

A refresher for the merit badge process:

1. Find a merit badge you want to do! There are 137 to choose from.
2. Come speak with one of the program leaders (Myself, or Pitt, Mary, or Kim)
3. We will go over the merit badge guidelines with you, and if you are interested fill out a blue card
4. The program leader will find you a list of merit badge counsellors and provide it to the scout with the blue card
5. The scout contacts the merit badge counselor and sets up a time to work with them, and completes the requirements for the merit badge. (Don’t forget 2deep leadership is a must when working on merit badges, all merit badge counsellors are required to have current YPT training)
6. The scout returns to a program leader after the work is complete, and the counsellor has signed off
7. The program leader signs the blue card again, and then the scout provides the completed blue card to the advancement chair (currently Kathy Berg). The program leader enters the merit badge into scoutbook
8. Kathy enters the merit badge into internet advancement/approves the merit badge in scoutbook, and the merit badge shows up on the scouts advancement record
9. The merit badge is then awarded at the next Court of Honor

Yours in service,
Scoutmaster Zoe