Committee Meeting 1-8-18
Called to Order- at 6:58

Treasurer’s Report- We have $1,636.15 in the troop account, and $205.00 in the council account. The pancake breakfast brought in $317.00 There will be a check written for wreaths at $761.00 very soon.

Recruitment Update- We have a new scout, Nick, who was the final scout in troop #226 and will join us to finish out his eagle rank. Council dues, per scout, could expect to be raised at least $50.00 next year.

Fundraising Update- We will be having a bake sale on Scout Sunday between services on February 11th, a rummage sale on either March 10th or April 7th. Howie will promote it on Craigslist, NextDoor, and Offer-up for the 85023 zip code.

Advancement Update- Nothing new. The next court of honor is May 14th

Service Update- Scout Sunday is from 9:00-12:00 A.M., and the church will be asking us to paint a room at the church very soon.

Outdoor Update- The original sled park that the boys planned to go to is closed down, so we will just be heading to Flagstaff to play and find some snow on the January campout.

Old Business:
Winter potluck and troop chuck box

New Business:
Troop storage will be getting organized this Saturday at Zoe’s house

The troop held elections and the new Senior Patrol Leader is Caleb, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is Jack, the Patrol Leader is Kyle, and the Assistant Patrol Leader is Duncan.

Upcoming Events:
Winter Trip- January 27-28
Biosphere Tour- February 10th
Scout Sunday and Bake Sale- February 11th
Meeting ended at 8:00 A.M.

The next Committee Meeting is Monday, February 5th