Troop #619 & 226 Committee Agenda 06/10/2019

  • Call to order- 7:02
  • Treasurer Report- The council account has $200, and the Wells Fargo Account has $1,212.79.  $249.22 is owed to scouts in scout accounts – 4 scouts, and we have a -$1,006.10 in negative scout accounts.  $600 is owed for FOS (Friends of Scouting) and has not yet been paid, and is deducted from what’s available for troop use.  There is $363.57 available for Troop use, and if all accounts were positive we would have $1,369.67.   
  • Recruiting Report
    • 9-12-2019 is Cross in the Desert Join Scouting Night  
  • Advancement Report
    • Girls attending Geronimo Brownsea Island should get most of advancement through 1st Class completed along with swimming and first aid merit badges
  • Service Report
  • Outdoor Report 
    • 6/29-7/6 Geronimo for T619
    • 3 girls going to week 3, maybe 1 going week 6
    • July 26-29 all units are invited to the church campout at O’Leary Campground- Sunset Crater
  • Senior Patrol Leader Report- Kyle was elected as SPL and WIll is ASPL.  Kaleb was elected patrol leader with Keagan as assistant and Cody was also elected patrol leader with Christian as assistant.  There is a planning meeting this Thursday at 6:00 at Kyle’s house.
  • Scoutmaster Report- We had an election and have very eager scouts that were elected.  We are going to a campout each month, and not just STEM activity. Kyle is planning to go to roundtable and invite the cub scouts to our September campout.  The girls got a new scout tonight, and another one last week. The troop would like to bring the parents in more for fundraising and support for the girls.

Old Business

  • We are still looking for a fundraiser and committee chair
  • Friends of Scouting- 100% unit participation required.  Any amount can be donated and can be set up on a monthly payment plan.  $50.00 MUST be paid per scout registered at the beginning of the year.

New Business

  • New troop hosted Merit Badge Clinic
  • CITD Join Scouting Night- see above in recruitment report