Call to Order- at 6:56

Treasurer’s Report- We have $480.00 in the council account and troop funds has $1619.64. $1278.00 was deposited on 2-6 from popcorn and dues from new troop members. $945.00 was paid to council on 2-5 for a Geronimo deposit.

Recruitment Update- We had offered to help pack 619 at their derby, and Duncan served 6 hours. He did a great job, and they would like to stay in contact with us, and get our help for next year. Lisa went to round table and gave the talk to the cub scout break out. She will continue to go each month except in January and February.

Fundraising Update- Nothing new is planned. We will hope for a great profit on April 7th at the rummage sale! The church approved the Planet Donate box to be placed on site. Any profit will be split between the youth group, venture crew and troop.

Advancement Update- Jack passed his board of review for Star rank.
Service Update- The church clean up is this Saturday at 8:00 A.M. if anyone can make it. The Geronimo campout is scheduled for May 11-13
Outdoor Update- Nothing new to report

Old Business:
Richard Moeur was voted in as the new Troop Committee Chair! Congratulations!

New Business:
Caleb came in to talk to the committee about what the troop has planned. They are working on ethics debates and tonight they did some electricity work because Kyle was absent. They will be planning a PLC meeting to get the year’s program together which will include a fall recruitment activity.

Zoe has a succession plan set up for if and when he ever needs to step down. The new scoutmaster would be Tim Pitcock (Pit)

Tim Boile from Troop 226 has stepped up to be our life-to-eagle coordinator and has turned in his application.

There is a new youth protection training that needs to be completed before October 1st by all troop leaders.

The troop bank statements were reviewed from last year by Richard and they will be categorized for next meeting in order to budget for the upcoming calendar year.

We discussed the new district name. Our troop’s Key 3 voted for Amethyst.

Upcoming Events:
Charter Clean-up – This Saturday at 8:00 A.M.
Backpacking Trip – March 24 – 25 to the Dogie Trail
Rummage Sale – April 7th – Meet at the church at 7:00 AM
ThunderPeaks Pinewood Derby – April 13 evening and April 14 (all day)
April Campout – April 20 – 22
Court of Honor – May 14th
Geronimo Service Campout – May 11-13

The meeting ended at 8:15

The next committee meeting will be on April 9, 2018