We will be backpacking into Reevis Ranch the third weekend in October. This is going to be an amazing experiance backpacking through a natural spring in an overgrown apple orchard during apple season. The hike itself is roughly 7 miles one way, with some decent elevation changes. There is ample water on the trail. Letting everyone know this early so you can start doing conditioning hikes and getting gear ready.

This hike is one of my most favorite hikes *ever* and one of the best memories I have from scouting. This is a huge opportunity, and I encourage *everyone* to attend. This is some of the prettiest parts of the state, and the ability to go apple picking only a few hours from Phoenix is great.

I would highly encourage everyone to do everything they can to attend this event. If you don’t have backpacking gear, let us know sooner rather than later so we can arrange for the troop to pickup some loaner gear.

Thank you,
Scoutmaster Zoe