This trip will be October 20th – 22nd. This part of the trail is a little longer, but it is an easier hike. The drawback is the road to the trailhead is a freaking nightmare. Just a little over 1 car wide, dirt, with a mountain on one side and a sheer cliff down to a river on the other side. The plan is to leave around 5-5:30 PM friday, get to the trailhead, and hike 1-2 miles down the trail. Saturday morning we will pack up early and descend into the ranch and through the apple orchards. The first part of the trail is dry, but there is water at the end.

This is not an easy hike, we will be covering 9 miles, with almost 3k of elevation changes. Please take time with your patrols to do hikes between now and the end of October so you can be ready for it.

September we will be going over backpacking equipment, trail safety etc. The first meeting in September on the  4th we will be meeting at the REI at Paradise Valley Mall to be fitted for backpacks. Please try and be in the parking lot at REI no later than 6:30.

This is a fantastic backpacking trip, and I highly recommend everyone try and attend. If you need backpacking equipment, please contact us off list and we can work on getting everyone fitted. Please don’t let a lack of equipment deter you from this opportunity.

Thank you!
Scoutmaster Zoe