Event: Troop Meeting, Mentoring Block – Active Listening and Physical Retest
Where: CITD
When: May 22, 2017 7-8pm

If you are doing your physical retests for your rank advancement, please wear your class-b uniforms. We will be talking about Active Listening, and what makes a good conversation. Listening is a vital part of leadership and mentoring. Remember to be looking for the 10 traits of likeable leaders in your life and be ready to talk about some of the leaders you have noticed, and what traits they exhibit. For reference, the 10 traits are:
10 habits of super likable leaders
1. They form personal connections
2. They’re approachable
3. They’re humble
4. They’re positive
5. They’re even-keeled
6. They’re generous
7. They demonstrate integrity
8. They read people like a book
9. They appreciate potential
10. They have substance