The Book: Though not part of the uniform a scout wears, his Scout Book is essential,  as his achievements towards rank advancement is signed off in his book and it teaches necessary skills. Books are bound (cheaper) or spiral (better – last longer, and can be opened flat). They can be purchased  at the scout shop (see below) or online. There are several versions of the book out there so make sure you are getting the correct one. As of December 2019 the current  book is titled “Scouts BSA Handbook for Boys”. Book covers are also available at the scout shop and are worth the money because they have a zipper compartment for carrying stuff (and not losing it) and can be waterproofed. Please have your scouts sign their book as soon as they get it, as they are often left behind at meetings.

The official Uniform has several parts. The foundation is: the tan shirt, solid colored green pants or shorts (matching scout socks are required with shorts), and scout belt. The troop will provide your unit id patch for your shoulder and green epaulets.  Replacements may be purchased from the scout store, or from the Advancement Coordinator.

Here's a good graphic showing badge placement.

This image borrowed from Troop 209, Palatine, IL. A good graphic representation of badge placement.

Ease into it financially by asking our leadership if there are extra uniforms available previous scouts have outgrown. This formal uniform is referred to as the “Class A.”

BSA Uniform – scroll down for badge placement

The Activity Shirt is our troop’s tshirt. You’ll see several versions as they’ve changed over time. These are purchased through our troop recruitment chair, Lisa Scibienski. These are referred to as our “Class B.”

There are 2 “levels” of wearing the class A uniform, referred to as “Class A” and “Full Class A”.  The full class A is reserved for special occasions, such as Board of Reviews, uniform inspections, Courts of Honor, and anytime the scout is performing service to the community where appropriate. Class A uniforms are the default for meetings and service projects that involve light to moderate activity. Class B uniforms are worn during summer, outdoor activities, service projects that involve moderate to heavy activity or are expected to be dirty and any other time the scout is representing the troop that a Class A uniform is not appropriate.

Full Class A:

  • The tan shirt, tucked into the pants
  • Either official Scout shorts or pants, or Olive/Hunter green solid colored pants or shorts
  • If shorts are worn, scout socks must be worn as well (socks need to match the short color)
  • The belt must be an official scout belt, or official leather belt with buckle of your choice
  • The OA Sash may be worn at OA events or when you are representing OA. The OA sash and Merit Badge sash may not be worn at the same time.
  • A patch vest or sash displaying earned patches and or merit badges (optional)

Class A:

  • The tan shirt, tucked into pants
  • Solid colored pants or shorts, no athletic shorts. Jeans are allowed
  • If shorts are worn, solid colored socks
  • A belt (preferably and official belt)
  • Not to be worn: OA Sash, or other ceremonial cords or awards.

The Scout Shop has the above-mentioned Class A items for sale.

The scout shop is located just off the 51 freeway and Thomas road at:

2969 N. Greenfield,
Phoenix, AZ 85016
M-F 9am – 5:30pm
Sat 9am – 3pm