This weekend will be the Parsons Springs Backpacking trip. Heather sent out the following info in an email about this trip:

If your Scout is going on the Parsons Spring campout this weekend, we are meeting at the Cross in the Desert Church at 9:00 and hitting the road at 9:15. Your Scout will need to eat breakfast before they go and have a sack lunch ready for the trail. The meal plan for the rest of the weekend should have been worked out with his tent partner already. It will be cold at night so make sure they have warm clothes and warm gear. A knit hat and wool socks go along way during a cold night.

In theory we will be able to cross the creek by hopping on rocks and not getting our feet in the water. This is not a water hike, we just have to cross the creek in about 5 spots. I was not able to cross all of them without slipping my foot in the water during 2 of the crossings, so make sure your Scout has extra socks and a pair of camp shoes.

I have myself, Mark and Robert as drivers so we need to make sure Robby has our vehicle info as he is going to put the tour permit together for us.Send over to him as soon as possible.

If your Scout has stated he is going, but has changed his mind he needs to let his tent partner know so meals and gear are worked out correctly.

We will be back around 12:30 on Sunday, as usual your Scout will call you when we are about 15-20 mins from the church for pick up.

Weather link for the weekend and please remember weather predication is never finite.

Link for Parsons Trail #144