First some upcoming dates:

This Sunday there is a fundraising car wash at the Title-Loan Max at 32nd street and cactus, 12:30pm – 4:30pm. The actual car wash runs from 1 to 4. There is a signup list here:

There will be no Troop meeting on Memorial Day, Monday May 29th. Enjoy your day. Remember, there will be a Scouting Flag planting in the morning.


At the meeting we discussed the following 10 traints of a likeable leader:

1.    They form personal connections

2.       They’re approachable

3.       They’re humble

4.       They’re positive

5.       They’re even-keeled

6.       They’re generous

7.       They demonstrate integrity

8.       They read people like a book

9.       They appreciate potential

10.   They have substance

In addition to this, we did an activity that worked on team communication, and how sometimes it’s ok to be a follower instead of trying to lead. This week can you talk to your boys about different leaders and see if you can identify some that exhibit some or all of the 10 traits shown above? 

Thank you!

Scoutmaster Zoe