Greetings Families,

At the committee meeting I offered to provide a summary of the topics we discussed at the scout meetings to help provide topics of discussion for the week between the meetings. This month we are focusing on mentoring, leadership, and teamwork.

We spoke about significant mentors/coaches in our lives and why they had such an impact. This led us to a discussion on respect. On what respect sounds like, and what respect feels like. We spoke about the different ways we can communicate respect through eye contact and body language. Respect is a hard thing to articulate, even for adults, so it may be easier to talk about it abstractly.

1. What words do you use when you are showing respect?
2. What kind of tone of voice are you using?
3. What body language do you have?

Our boys may not be able to define it, but they know what it feels like when they are being respected, and more importantly, they know what it feels like when they are being disrespected. Getting them to be aware of how they are speaking, using body language, and tone is the first step.

Thank you!
Scoutmaster Zoe